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“Maybe I am not the smartest person in the world, but I am stubborn, and I knit or crochet”

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Why You Should Stay With Me?

Among the multitude of knitting and crochet blogs, you wonder ‘Why should you read mine?’ Just as handwriting is distinct to each person, so is the craftsmanship of yarn and needle. No two creations are ever quite the same. I am dedicated to helping you unlock the endless possibilities of these timeless crafts. In this blog, I’ll show you how to improve your knitting and crochet skills with new techniques and insights. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yarn enthusiast, there’s always something fresh to discover.


You will find knitting and crochet tips and tricks the way I am doing.  I try to create wearable garments that fit my everyday life. Therefore, I love stockinette in my garments and other simple patterns. But simple look doesn’t mean it is easy to make – I am paying attention to details. I am looking for a perfect look and fit.

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I am crazy about the details.

I love when the wrong side of the garment looks as good as the right side.

Seamless knitting technique is popular nowadays, but I love to knit garments with seams, fitted sleeves, attaching zippers. I will share more tutorials about these topics. Don’t worry, am knitting seamless designs – raglan sweaters, round yokes. You find tutorials in different techniques.

Where do I get inspiration?

I am reading and watching a lot of knitting blogs to get more knowledge. Reading books. Watching YouTube. I know quite a lot of languages, so I follow Latvian, Russian, English, Turkish and some German knitting blogs. That gives me general understanding what is popular in the knitting and crochet world.

I get inspiration from photos and fashion magazines. We all do that, right? 🙂

But what gives me more drive is when I finish a piece of garment or accessory. I am looking forward to start a new one.

I rarely knit or crochet from ready patterns. From idea to finish might take quite a lot of time because of all the calculations and unraveling. But result is better and better each time.

I have plenty of unsuccessful knit and crochet projects in my cupboard.  But I am proud of them. They remind me how I have evolved.


I love to crochet – that’s a fact! Most of all, I enjoy crochet bags, purses and summer tops.  Over time more and more content come! 

In my blog I create everything with love, all the photos, patterns, crochet diagrams are original unless stated otherwise.

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