Use This Cast Off To Prevent Knitting Edge From Rolling

stable bind off method in knitting

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Discover a knitting technique so unique, it’s like the secret ingredient to a perfect recipe for non-rolling edges! No ‘roll to go’! 

Imagine your knitting masterpiece in smooth stockinette, with edges so well-behaved they won’t curl, even after blocking. But it’s not just practical – it’s stylish too. Think of using this special method to finish your neckline, making it a standout decorative feature or adding ribbing for extra flair. Get ready for a secure, non-stretch neckline that not only looks fantastic but stays that way. The best part? You can use this amazing technique on any edge, as long as it suits your pattern.

What is binding off (casting-off) in knitting?

In the world of knitting, the term “casting off” (also referred to as “binding off”) is the art of releasing live stitches from your needles and securing them in place. There are numerous methods to achieve this, including sewn bind-off (also gives stretchy finishing edge).

Casting off in knitting instructions

Before learning this cast-off method, you will need to know how to:

  • knit two stitches together – k2tog;
  • pass the  slipped stitch over – psso;
  • make a yarn over – yo;
  • picking up stitches;

It sounds complicated but it is not. Watch a video and find out!

Cast Off Knitting YouTube Video


Picture tutorial

Last stitch on the needle

I’m absolutely enthralled by this casting off method; its combination of beauty and functionality has won me over. If you found this tutorial, and especially this cast-off (also known as bind-off), intriguing, please don’t hesitate to share it. Until next time, happy knitting!

sturdy cast off knitting

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1 thought on “Use This Cast Off To Prevent Knitting Edge From Rolling”

  1. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! This works like a charm! Little advice; when working with bulky or thicker yarn, the edge will flare too much. So may have to experiment (I did your stitches on every other stitch) to prevent the flare. Other than that, thanks for the great advice! It worked for me on my Lap Blanket for sure!

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