Casting Off – Prevent Knitting Edge From Rolling

stable bind off method in knitting

An unusual way of casting off in knitting I discovered recently that will prevent knitting edge from rolling. It will look good on stockinette.  Edge will not roll after blocking. It can be used instead of the usual cast-off providing a decorative look.  For example, you can use it casting-off neckline edge and leave it like that, or finish it with ribbing later. Because of thicker edge neckline will be stable and won’t stretch. It will look good also on any other edge, considering if this casting off method will suit the pattern.

What is binding off (casting-off) in knitting?

Casting off in knitting (also known as binding-off) is a method to get live stitches from the needles and secure them. There as many methods available, for example, sewn bind-off (also gives stretchy finishing edge).

Casting off in knitting instructions

Before learning this cast-off method, you will need to know how to:

  • knit two stitches together – k2tog;
  • pass the  slipped stitch over – psso;
  • make a yarn over – yo;
  • picking up stitches;

It sounds complicated but it is not. Check out yourself.

Cast Off Knitting YouTube Video

Picture tutorial

Last stitch on the needle

I will definitely use this casting off method, I find it so pretty and useful at the time. Please share if you liked this tutorial and particularly this cast-off aka bind-off.  See you soon!

sturdy cast off knitting

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