How To Crochet Bracelet: The Easiest Way!

Crochet Bracelet

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Crochet bracelet is a fun, easy way to dress up any outfit. 

The purpose of crochet bracelet is to add a little flare to their wardrobe and make a statement.

The benefits of these DIY bead crochet bracelets are:

  • You can personalize them so they match any outfit you choose to wear
  • They are lightweight so they don’t inconvenience you
  • They are easy to change up depending on the occasion

With plenty of beads available in tons of colors, you can design the bracelet that’s right for you.

Here you can see how beautiful it looks in life (short video)

They are also a great way to use up leftover yarn from other projects.


  • Seed beads 9/0 Gutermann
  • Crochet Thread Size 3 or 5 (26 wraps per inch)
  • Crochet Hook 3.25 mm (US D-3 UK 10) or similar to obtain the gauge
  • Darning needle
  • Clear nail polish

Crochet Bracelet Pattern

This is a super easy crochet bracelet doesn’t require special skills or knowledge. It’s basically just a long chain of beads — all you need to do is add the beads and trim off any excess string.

In fact, the only thing that might stop a beginner from mastering this technique is lack of access to the right beads.

There are different bead sizes. You need to pick according to the thread you are using. The bigger the bead size, the easier to thread.

So, all you have to do – go to the local store and pick the right beads!

Before you start actual crochet, you need to thread beads onto the yarn. 

There are several ways of doing. I used the simplest – on the yarn thread tail, put a little of clear nail polish to make it harder and threaded beads on it.

We need only 26 beads, so this method works fine and no need for extra tools.

In the pictures below, you can see step-by-step how it is done.

  1. Thread beads onto the yarn
  2. Leave yarn tail around 15 cm (6 inches) – we will use this end for the closure later on. And make a slipknot, insert crochet hook.
  3. Pull one bead closer to the crochet hook, yarn over and make a chain to secure the bead.
  4. Chain 1
  5. Repeat 3. and 4. steps until you crochet 26 beads  (or as many to wrap around hand).
  6. My bracelet measured about 18 cm/ 7 inches. Leave a final end of 15 cm/6 inches, snip the thread, remove crochet hook and pull through the loop.

Crochet Chain Bracelet In Pictures

crochet bracelet with beads
crochet thin bracelet

How do you make an adjustable crochet bracelet?

I secured the bracelet with macramé square knot variation to keep it simple.

This is how I made knots to secure bracelet closure is:

  1. Cut another string of thread around 30 cm (12 inches). The ends from the ready crochet bracelet will be in the middle and never move.
  2. With the free yarn, tie a simple knot (all the steps you can see in pictures below!).
  3. We will work only with side strings. Take the left thread and put over the middle 2 strings. Then go under and come out through the loop. This is our first knot.
  4. Leave the left thread on the side and do the same on the right side. Take the right thread, go over the middle 2 strings, then under and come out through the loop.

As you can see, we make a series of separate knots around the middle strings.

Tie them tight and closure will not move by itself. I made 3 knots on each side.

Weave in ends. I took a darning needle and hide yarn tails inside the knots.

Use clear nail polish to secure the ends after cutting. Or, if you use dark yarn, you can use a lighter to secure ends. 

Also, I added two extra beads on the middle ends and tied knots.

how to secure crochet bracelet with a knot
Crochet bracelet with beads pattern free
Crochet Bracelet with beads free tutorial


Crochet friendship bracelets can be a good way to get to know someone better and it’s easier to give and take.

I hope you enjoyed the crochet bracelet with beads tutorial. If you are looking for some more crochet tutorials, I would jump on this link. You might get a few ideas of other projects that you can work on and make as a gift to your loved ones!

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