Crochet Ear Savers Free Pattern. Without Real Buttons.

crochet ear savers

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Easy crochet ear saver pattern for beginners! I will show you everything you need to know to accomplish. Keep reading for the free crochet pattern.

How long should crochet ear savers be?

My ear saver’s length – about 20cm (5″ long by 1.5″ wide is a good range).  Finished ear saver will stretch a bit, you can subtract stitches from starting chain.

Crochet Hook Size: 4mm (US G-6)

Yarn: light worsted (14wpi)

What yarn we can use for crochet ear savers? I It is a great way to use yarn scrap. Preferably acrylic or cotton yarn because is it more durable, but any yarn will work.

How do you crochet ear savers?


  1. Start with an oval shape.
  2. You will need crochet buttons. Crochet Buttons Tutorial.
  3. Sew buttons in place.

You can use several on each side in order to have more control on how tight you want around the head.

Short YouTube Video

Crochet Oval Shape Diagram

crochet oval shape

Crochet Oval Shape Written Instructions


Row 1. Chain 26. (Amount depends on the yarn and crochet hook, here is my example)

Row 2. Chain 2 (turning chain), 2 hdc in 1 stitch, 24 hdc, 3 hdc in 1 stitch, 24 hdc, sl st. (54st)

Row 3. Chain 2 (turning chain), 1 hdc in th same st, 2 hdc  in the next 2 st, 24 hdc, 2 hdc in next 3 st, 24 hdc, sl st. (60st)

Row 4. Chain 2 (turning chain), 1 hdc in the same st, *2 hdc in the same st, 1 hdc* 2 times, 24 hdc, *1 hdc, 2 hdc in the same st* 3 times, 24 hdc, sl st. (66 st).


Pretty simple ear crochet saver, which looks beautiful. Accurate crochet buttons. One more thing where you can use Romanian crochet cord. Share if this tutorial was helpful!

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