Crochet Purse Tutorial Using Metal Kiss Frame

Crochet coin purse on a grey background

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Crochet purse that merges vintage charm with modern elegance. Coupled with adding a metal kiss frame and a delicate lining.

You can use it also as crochet mini bag if you attach a strap. Or as a coin purse as well.

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Crochet Purse Materials


Stitch Abbreviations (US terms):

  • Ch: Chain

  • sc: Single Crochet

  • Inc: Increase (2 single crochet stitches in the same stitch)

  • Sl st: Slip Stitch

  • pm: Place marker

  • st/s: Stitch/es

How To Crochet a Purse

Crochet Base

Crochet purse pattern is quite easy. You need to know how to single crochet in the round and increase. Beginning with oval base and after that crochet for 20 rows straight up (or to the desired height).

Oval Base Instructions:

Round 1: Ch 19, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, pm, 16 sc, 3 sc in one, 16sc, 2sc in the last stitch. (38sts)

Round 2: Inc, pm on the 1st st, 16 sc, inc in each of next 3 st, 16 sc, inc in each of last 2 st. (44sts)

Round 3: 1 sc, pm, inc, 16 sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc, 1 sc, 16 sc (until 4 sts left to the marker), 1sc, inc, 1sc, inc. (50 sts)


Rounds 4-24:

  • Work 1 sc in each st. Fasten off. 

Hide yarn tails, leave short end and melt it using lighter carefully, press against crochet purse to secure it. 

I have 14 cm (5.5 in) wide and 12.5 cm (4.9 in) high base (laying flat)

You are ready to attach a metal kiss frame to the crochet base. Yes, before lining, I found that is easier and if someone doesn’t want lining at all, he can skip lining step easily.
1. Crochet Purse Base

Coin Purse Crochet Video

In the YouTube video below, I show the coin purse crochet process step-by-step, including how to sew in the metal frame and add lining and a few more tips and tricks! 

Add Metal Kiss Frame

Split stitches in half for each side and place markers. We do not attach frame on these sides. Leave 2-3 stitches unattached. Using sewing technique based on backstitch, attach to the base. Put the needle under the both stitch legs of the last crochet row and through the metal frame hole. Do both sides separate.

You can stop here (it already is pretty), but if you want to add lining, move to the next steps.

metal frame and crochet purse
2. Sewing metal frame


Lining is pretty easy. Measure crochet purse. In my case, height – 12.5 cm (4.9 in), width – 14cm (5.5 in). Remember to include 1 cm (0.39 in) seam allowance on each side of what you will sew.

Lining size: Height (12.5+2cm)*2 = 29 cm (11.4 in). In the folded way it will be 14.5cm. Width=14cm + 2cm=16cm (6.3 in).

Sew both sides. Take measurements of the crochet purse bottom (oval part where increases were). I have 3cm wide (1.18 in).

 Take the lining and make 3cm wide flaps at the bottom. Sew.

Fold the upper part outwards. Lining is ready.

Align it with the sides. Attach it to purse by sewing into the frame’s holes as close as possible. This way, the sewing line will be almost invisible.

lining and measurements
3. Lining measurements.
Adding lining to the purse
4. Sewing the lining into metal frame and purse

Don’t forget to experiment, personalize, and most importantly, have fun along the way. Crochet is not just a hobby; it’s self-expression and a way to connect with others who share your passion. So, grab your hooks and yarn, and let’s crochet something amazing together!

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Happy crocheting!

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