Half Circle Crochet Bag (Add Lining and Zipper)

how to line crochet bag with zipper

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How to line a crochet bag with zipper? Simple way for adding zipper and lining to a handmade half moon crochet bag.

Key steps:

  1. Choose material for lining
  2. Select zipper
  3. According color thread
  4. Cut out lining with seam allowance
  5. Sew in the zipper into the lining
  6. Attach lining with zipper to the crochet bag

Beginner friendly tutorial.

What materials used for crochet bag lining?


  • Lining fabric (for beginners cotton fabric is the best option)
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Zipper
  • Fabric marker pen (or chalk)
  • Ruler
  • Sewing machine (optional)
Materials used for lining with zipper
Materials used for lining with zipper

As mentioned above for beginners best option is linen or cotton fabric. It is not slippery and easy to handle. If you are sure about your sewing skills and want fancier look, choose – silk, rayon, acetate or polyester lining. These will be more difficult to work with, but the result is worth it.

Other tutorials:

How to make a bag with zipper and lining

Fold the fabric right side in. Trace the bag.

seam allowance crochet bag

I pin the fabric to keep both layers in place. After rough trace, fine-tune the drawing. Add seam allowance – 2 cm at the top for zipper and 1.5 cm on the sides and cut out.

lining for crochet bag

Zipper selection. There are options. Choose nylon coil zipper, plastic moulded or metal.

I used plastic moulded because that is the only type I found in the shop in the colour I wanted.

When you go to the shop for a zipper, if you don’t find exact length, buy longer and cut shorter accordingly. It should be same length as the entire piece with seam allowances. Place one piece of lining right side up in front of you. Place the zipper on the fabric aligning top edge as in picture above.

add zipper to a crochet bag

First, before sewing joint both pieces using running stitch to secure.

I don’t advise to pin the zipper in order to avoid waves.

Second, after securing and making sure no waves developing, stitch by hand or use a sewing machine. If you stitch by hand, use back stitch.

After sewing one side of the lining, get same done with other half. Line up right side of material with the wrong side of the zipper. Secure with a running stitch. Sew together.

crochet bag lining

Now it is time to sew the sides. Pin sides together before sewing (or using running stitch, but it will take longer).

After all sewing, cut around the lining edge to release tension.

How to put lining in crochet bag

Lining for crochet bag with zipper is ready to put in the bag.

crochet bag lining with zipper

how to put lining in a crochet bag with zipper

Most important is to secure the beginning and end of the zipper. Let the zipper’s teeth slightly over the bag’s edge. This is done by hand at this stage.

Try to make stitches same size and not too wide. Look at the top chain stitches and go over one chain stitch.

crochet bag with zipper

In conclusion, don’t rush if you are not sure about the result, take your time. After you join lining in the bag, try open and close the bag, check the zipper. Everything goes smooth – great! If you see there are wavy parts or other difficulties in opening, unravel and redo.

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