How to line a round crochet bag?

round crochet bag tutorial

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How to line a round crochet bag? This tutorial will show how to put together crochet bag and add lining and a zipper. PART I of the crochet bag pattern tutorial. Don’t get confused with the bag colour, because I put up this tutorial from 2 bags – grey and black.
I created a detailed video where I show how the crochet bag pattern is done step by step.


How To Line a Round Crochet Bag YouTube Tutorial?


Cut out bag lining material


First of all, take measurement of circle size.

Measuring circle depth
Measuring circle depth

In my case, it is 27.5 cm.  Also, measure the length of the last 3 rows – 2.5cm.
Secondly, measure the perimeter – 76.5cm.
For the opening, I leave 25cm.
We have all the measurement needed for cutting out lining fabric.
There will be 5 pieces needed for the lining.

  • 2 circles 24.5cm in diameter –  22.5+2cm seam allowance =24.5 (27.5-(2.5*2) = 22.5cm+2cm)
  • 1 rectangle: height 7cm=5+2cm, length 53.5cm=51.5+2cm (1cm seam allowance for each side)
  • 2 rectangles: height 4.5cm=2.5cm+2cm, length 27cm=25 cm + 2cm (1cm seam allowance for each side)

You will need to sew all pieces together.

How to line a round crochet bag
Pieces for lining
Pieces sewed with a running stitch
Pieces sewed with a running stitch. Ready before proper sewing together.

Now you are ready to sew your bag bases together!


Sewing crochet bag bases with a mattress stitch


Before you start sewing base together, secure cord.

Secure the cord
Secure the cord
Sewing bag bases with a mattress stitch
Sewing bag bases with a mattress stitch
Bag bases sewed together
Bag bases sewed together

Next step is to prepare the opening for the zipper and add bag rings. Take a piece of yarn and hide crochet chain (by wrapping yarn around the crochet chain), and at the same time add bag rings on each side!

Hide crochet chain
Hide crochet chain

It is time to add a zipper! Don’t hurry, and it will turn out good! Take your time!
Line up lining with zipper – I call it a hamburger! My advice to sew both sides at the same time. Start from each side at the same time.  Test how a zipper works.

The last step is to choose a bag chain or strap and attach it! If you want to see a more detailed explanation, please watch the video!
Crochet Bag Free Pattern – Beginner Friendly
Easy and Fun Romanian Cord Crochet Instructions!

Crochet bag is ready! Did you like How to line a round crochet bag tutorial? Please share!

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