Incomplete Double Crochet – You Have To Know!

Incomplete double crochet

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Today, I will cover the incomplete double crochet stitch. Sometimes referred as unfinished or partial double crochet stitch. It is not half double crochet!

How do you do an incomplete double crochet?

    1. Start with a chain of the desired length. (for example, for double crochet chain 3). In my case I continued row and the previous stitch is simple double crochet.
    2. Yarn over the hook (YO) by bringing the yarn from the back over the top of the hook toward you.
    3. Insert the hook into the designated stitch (or as directed in the pattern) in the previous row.
    4. Yarn over again, pulling the yarn through the stitch, so you have 3 loops on the hook.
Unfinished double crochet
Unfinished double crochet. Steps 1-4.
  1.  Yarn over once more and pull it through the first two loops on the hook. You will have two loops left on the hook.
  2.  Instead of completing the double crochet by yarning over and pulling through the remaining 2 loops, you stop here. This creates an unfinished double crochet stitch.
Unfinished double crochet stitch. Steps 5-6.

Cluster and bubble stitches are cool crochet techniques that use the incomplete double crochet stitch to make fun textures.

You can use these stitches in lots of different projects to give them a cool, bumpy look.

Working a bunch of double crochet stitches across a few stitches will make cluster stitches

To make bubble stitches, you do incomplete double crochet stitches in one spot, sometimes with other stitches too. This makes round, bumpy bubbles that look 3D.

People love to use these stitches in blankets, pillows, and clothes to make them look fancy and interesting. With cluster and bubble stitches, you can make your crochet projects look super cool and unique!

In the picture below is a bubble stitch. Make 5 incomplete double crochet in the same stitch (you have 6 loops on the hook), yarn over, pull through 5 loops, yarn over, pull through the last 2 loops on the hook. 

Bubble stitch. 5 incomplete double crochet in the same stitch.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope this information has inspired you to try new crochet stitches.

If you’re seeking further inspiration, tips, and visual demonstrations, I invite you to connect with me on Pinterest and YouTube.

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