Provisional Cast On With Crochet Hook

provisional cast on with crochet hook

What is provisional cast-on in knitting used for?

Provisional cast-on is a cast-on method that allows us to get live stitches back on the needles. There are many practical uses, I will mention a few:

  1. Top-down sweaters or jumpers – for neckline stitches. If you plan to add finishing touches after all work is done. That way you can adjust also the size later (I use this method often – it leaves me space for fixing mistakes, which can happen a lot).
  2. Secondly, top-up sweaters. For the same reasons as mentioned above. If I am not sure at the beginning what kind of edge, I would like to see, I could decide after I have done all work. Another reason – to save or adjust yarn usage. You could decide the length after finishing the garment.
  3. Socks, gloves, hats – if you have some yarn left you could add it to the height.
  4. Infinity scarves – to make a seamless join.

So, let’s start!

Provisional Cast On Knitting Video

Provisional Cast On Pictures

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