Easy and Fun Romanian Cord Crochet Instructions!

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Romanian cord (also known as lace cord) crochet is used in Irish and Romanian lace. It is an easy flat crochet cord. Easy to make just remembering two steps – twisting clockwise and put crochet hook in the two side loops (unusual for regular crochet).
But you can find an application in many other things, like straps for:

  • tops;
  • dresses;
  • elegant belts (not only for dress, but as a bag strap too).

I am showing you how to make a Romanian cord after I finished half circle crochet bag free pattern. I used the cord for straps. The cord is sturdy and will not stretch. It is a good option when you can’t buy manufactured belts to add to your bag.

Irish Lace


The fundamental principle of creating an Irish lace fabric is crochet individual elements and combine them into a single composition using a crochet mesh. Besides flowers and leaves, insects, fruits and petals, one of the central places in Irish lace are cords (mainly Romanian cord) and curls.
The drawing turns out to be fascinating, but the fragments have a very complex shape. So, the Irish lace is difficult to perform. Such art appeared in 19. Century. It was a luxury at once in several corners of the planet – for example, in European capitals (Paris, Rome, London) and even in the USA. Technical revolution and automated craft machines put handmade behind the massive lace production.

In the modern fashion world, Irish crochet has not lost its position. It is used to make solid wardrobe items, such as jackets, skirts or blouses. In addition, Irish motifs are used to make individual items of clothing, such as a collar, body or cuffs. Even with a high intensity of work, this technique remains in demand and crochet gurus are giving the wardrobe a unique and exquisite femininity.
You really have to be a crochet guru and have a designer skill to create stunning Irish lace. From 100 works I see on internet, only 10% are perfect.
I tried to make Irish lace motifs myself, but didn’t combine them. Motifs are sitting in a cupboard and waiting.

Irish lace motifs
Irish lace motifs and Romanian cord.

Romanian Point Lace


An amazing ancient technique of needlework, combining crocheted cords and filled (embroidered) with a needle gap between the cords.

romanian point lace book pdf
I believe you have seen many examples of Romanian point lace.

You can get this amazing book here. 
Crocheted cord becomes the major element in creating compositions. The classic use of Romanian are napkins, tablecloths, curtains and similar interior items. Romanian lace is popular for making collars, bags, belts, vests, boleros, skirts. Often, when creating models of clothes, it is combined with some other techniques. This is due to the fact that the Romanian lace has a rather high density and rigidity. And such qualities are not suitable for many clothes.

Romanian Cord Crochet Picture Tutorial

Romanian cord is a basic crochet cord



As you see – it is so simple! And result is stunning. You can use it anywhere, not just in Irish or Romanian lace. It is very versatile crochet cord. Please share, let the others learn as well! Check out other crochet tutorials!

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