Standing Double Crochet- Go Seamless!

Standing Double Crochet

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Standing Double Crochet (US terms) or Standing Treble Crochet (UK terms) is used to make seamless join when working in the round.

It is sometimes referred to as a faux double crochet or a chainless starting double crochet.

 Also, it is handy to join a new ball of yarn/new color.

But, in this tutorial, I will cover standing double crochet with the same color.

I was searching for a perfect way how to make crochet circle seamless and without cutting the yarn!

And I did! I am eager to share it with you today!

Instead of a slip stitch to join the round and chain 3, you will do chainless starting double crochet right from the start.

Standing double crochet in magic ring

How to make standing double crochet in the round?

Make a magic ring. Pull out the loop longer on the crochet hook.

loop on the crochet hook

With the same loop, make a yarn over. Hold it in place with a finger.

Grab the working yarn and make a twist clock-wise. You will have 2 loops on the hook. 

Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook. 

There you go – first standing double crochet in magic ring is done! 

fake double crochet

After that, make another 9 double crochet in the magic ring.

10 Double crochet in the round

If you are more visual learner YouTube is the right place to learn chainless starting double crochet! 

Standing double crochet at the beginning of the row

From now on, it will be a little different approach. Take out the crochet hook from the loop. Move to the first double crochet of the round and put the hook in that loop from back to front.

Grab the last loop we left and pull through. Now the loop will be at the back of the circle.

first round in double crochet

Take out the crochet hook out of the loop again. Put it in the same stitch from front to back and grab working yarn and pull through.

You will see two loops on each side. Make the front loop taller to make a sort of yarn over with this loop.

Hold the yarn over and grab the back loop. Now you have to twist clockwise and you will have two loops on the crochet hook.

Make a yarn over again and pull through these loops.

Chainless starting double crochet done!

So far it is the best solutions for chainless double crochet. Little tricky, but I got used to it fast. From now on, double crochet in the round will be neat and seams won’t bother me anymore!

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That’s about it for today!

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