Chain Edge Cast On – Regular Bind Off Match

chain edge cast on

When to use chain edge cast on in knitting?

Chain edge cast on is a type of cast on that you use to create a chain-like edge. Chain cast of often used when we want matching cast on with regular bind off.

The chain edge cast on is very similar to the long-tail cast-on, with one important difference: the last stitch in your knitting is not turned and knit again, but instead it’s pulled up and knitted into this new row.

Or, we use chain edge casting on method in knitting when we need to cast on stitches in the middle of work. For example, you work with 20 stitches in the beginning and after 10 rows you want to add 5 stitches on each side.

And, of course, you can use it in the beginning of work as well!

 It’s often used for the hem of a garment or for the bottom of a sweater.

Chain Cast Off YouTube Video Instructions


Chain Edge Casting On Method In Pictures

Matching Bind off – Sewn Bind Off

As we discussed, this cast on method looks similar to Long-Tail cast on. Therefore, we can use sewn bind off

Other handy cast on techniques:

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