Long Tail Cast On Method With Pictures

Long tail cast on method with pictures

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What is the Long Tail Cast On?

The long tail cast on is a classic and widely used method for starting a knitting project.

It creates a neat and elastic (not too stretchy, though) edge, making it perfect for a variety of projects, from cozy scarves to intricate sweaters. This cast on method involves using both the working yarn and a “long tail” of yarn to form the initial stitches on the needle.

Apparently, easy to learn. Let’s find that out!

How to knit long tail cast on? 

Follow a video tutorial if you are a visual learner or follow the picture tutorial if you need a general understanding of how to knit this cast-on method.

Start without slip knot

 Once you get the basics, you can use knotless start instead. 

Cast on beginning
Knotless start. Make a loop around the needle by inserting it under the strand between the thumb from left to the right and index finger and turning the strand clockwise.

For beginners, the long tail cast on may take some practice to master. Achieving an even tension and consistent stitch size can be challenging at first. If not done correctly, it can result in uneven stitches and an unprofessional-looking edge.

Despite these potential downsides, many knitters find the long tail cast on to be their go-to method for its balance of elasticity and neatness. It’s important to explore various cast on techniques and choose the one that best suits the specific requirements of your project.

Once you master Long tail cast on, you can learn other methods:

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