Crochet Slippers From Two Squares – Beginner Friendly

easy crochet slippers

I made crochet Slippers from 2 squares. It is a free crochet pattern, and it is beginner friendly, because we will use a solid half double crochet square. You can call them also home booties, because I used bulky cotton ribbon yarn. Result is pretty crochet slippers!

This pattern works for any size, even for baby booties, because the pattern is so simple, the only thing you need to adjust are square sizes and sew them together using mattress stitch.


  • First, you need 2 crochet squares according to your foot size (1 bigger and 1 smaller)
  • How to crochet square tutorial
  • Ribbon yarn (actually, you can use any yarn)
  • Darning needle
  • Stitch Markers

What size crochet squares for booties should be?

Example. My foot size is 26cm. Shoes size EUR 40/US 9. I add 2 cm and get 28cm (around 11 inches). So my square should be 28 by 28 cm. Smaller square size is about 3 times smaller (around 10cm – 3 7/8″ ) depends on row height, can be slightly larger or smaller.

Both squares lay flat with the wrong side facing each other. We are ready to sew sides. I used mattress stitch, and that is why we are working on the right side.

Use stitch markers to align sides properly before sewing.

handmade booties

YouTube Easy Crochet Slippers Tutorial

If you are a visual learner, this video tutorial is specially for you! 

Easy Crochet Sole

We will have one seam going along the sides, like in the picture below. This way we make easy crochet soles for our booties.

On the foot top will be pure square pattern.

crochet sole for slippers

Once you stitch the sole part, you will start sew the opening. It is a white arrow in the picture below. You can try the slipper on and see how big you want the opening. In my case, I left little more than half of the square open. Fasten off and hide yarn tail. Fold corner of the square to make a flap or leave as it is.

crochet slippers

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Mattress Stitch in Crochet Slippers

If you even wondered how to sew granny squares together, this method might be useful.

Mattress stitch is a vertical seam with an invisible look on the front of the work, on the wrong side there is selvedge.

In this crochet slippers tutorial, I want to leave selvage inside and that is why we work on the right side.


mattess stitch in crochet
how to sew squares neatly

Mattress Stitch Selvage

Look from both sides. Do not worry once you wear crochet slippers – you won’t feel the selvage. 

crochet slippers selvage
booties for adults

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