5 Knitting Videos That Blew My Mind

knitting videos

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These 5 knitting videos will shock or surprise you!

Giant Yarn Knitter

Meet Anne Galante from Brazil. She can sit up to 6 hours in the row before her masterpiece is finished. She makes her yarn and knitting needles. That is what I call an obsession with knitting.

This Artist Covered an Entire Apartment in Croche

Agata Oleksiak, known as Olek, is a Polish artist who is based in New York City. She proves that you can knit or crochet everything your heart desires. She covered with crochet sculptures, walls, vehicles, people, even rooms in different countries.

Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship

Before I came across this video, I didn’t even imagine something like that could exist. So, knitting is not only for grandmothers. Anual heavy metal knitting world championship happens in Finland. In this competition, the knitter becomes part of the band showing needlework tricks.

Why Finland? Finland is a leading country of heavy metal bands density in the world. Finnish traditional folk music is melancholic. In the rhythm, you can find some similarities to metal.

They have a knitting history. Combining these two created such an extraordinary competition. Check one of the knitting videos!

Miniature knitter


Althea Crome is the only woman in the world who knits conceptual garments on such a small scale. She knits with silk sewing threads, and stitches are so tiny they can accommodate 80 stitches/inch.

By the way, did you know that miniature knitting in the animated movie “Coraline” were her work? Isn’t it amazing, huh?

Vaginal knitting performance


And, finally, the last one that will shock you or make you sick (it did to me)! I would like to introduce you to a woman in the video. Her name is Casey Jenkins, and she is a performance artist. She attracted global headlines with her ”vaginal knitting” performance.

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